Crystal Kings Blazing, Entrance Installation.


Crystal King Toad, 2013

Artist | Happy Sleepy (Marc Ngui and Magda Wojtyra)


Crystal Kings Blazing is a large scale 100 foot long installation of colourful, geometric vinyl banners and paintings by Happy Sleepy, a collaboration by Toronto artists Marc Ngui and Magda Wojtyra. Crystal Kings are beings of pure imagination that have fiercely willed themselves into being out of nothing, the way crystal grows out of bare rock. This metaphor of willpower and creativity is part of an ongoing series that debuted in the solo show Let’s Glow at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery in 2012.

Wojtyra and Ngui both studied architecture at the University of Waterloo and since 2000 have been making paintings, sculpture, textile art, animation, and installations that have been exhibited and published in Canada and internationally. Their art practice is rooted in DIY culture and devoted to exploring and promoting ideas of cheerfulness, courage and consciousness change as keys to personal fulfillment and social harmony. Come see more art in the group show Eutopia, opening at the Textile Museum of Canada on February 24, 2016.