Thursday February 22

Early Access Preview5-10 PM

Opening Night Party7-10 PM

Friday February 2311 AM-10 PM

Saturday February 2411 AM-8 PM

Sunday February 2511 AM-6 PM

Better Living Center

Exhibition Place, Toronto


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Nadine Prada

Oils/Acrylic, Booth 529

Nadine Prada is lucky to be alive. She survived an 8.8 earthquake in 2010 and left her high profile job as a multi-award-winning art director to devote her life to art making. Inspired by her travels and memories of her childhood in the Caribbean, Nadine works to capture the awe and energy of a place through all 5 senses, so that it comes alive for the viewer through her art. She teaches others how to become present in the body using art as the doorway. Nadine has recently been featured in The Toronto Star, CBC, Ryerson Radio, Novella Magazine’s Art Hot List, and The Creator’s Journey podcast. Her work has been internationally shown and collected since 1999.