Thursday February 22

Early Access Preview5-10 PM

Opening Night Party7-10 PM

Friday February 2311 AM-10 PM

Saturday February 2411 AM-8 PM

Sunday February 2511 AM-6 PM

Better Living Center

Exhibition Place, Toronto

Installation Zone

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Kevin Holliday

Installation Zone, Booth I-03

Kevin Holliday is a biracial Chinese Canadian artist based out of Toronto. Currently a student at OCADU, their work is an investigation of the confluence between identity and popular culture. Their work is attempting to explore, and explicate, the coerced performativity of modern life, and the impact this has on self-conception. Holliday works in multiple media, video, installation, collage, etc, but always with a leaning towards the performative. Kevin hopes that his work creates a discourse about the increasing commodification of the self in contemporary society.