Thursday February 22

Early Access Preview5-10 PM

Opening Night Party7-10 PM

Friday February 2311 AM-10 PM

Saturday February 2411 AM-8 PM

Sunday February 2511 AM-6 PM

Better Living Center

Exhibition Place, Toronto


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Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu

Oils/Acrylic, Booth 324

Florin is captivated by time, old instruments, the laws of physics and humankind’s connection to past, present and future. His paintings are a personal vision of the history of civilizations; they represent Florin's quest to identify and pinpoint essential moments of our existence.  Each painting is an invitation to the viewer to come closer and engage in the unravelling of the worlds carefully woven within. The artist immaculately layers the finest of detail, and in so doing creates a truly rich and transformative experience.  In the evolutionary timelines of civilizations, in the slow decay of societies, in the laws of nature affecting everything from molecules to galaxies, the artist is an explorer fascinated by it all.