Art Chats

Presented by Yorkville Village a must-visit shopping destination within the GTA, and epicenter of cultural collisions, where diverse worlds, people, genres and influences come together to enable discovery through unique events, exhibitions, art installations and pop up boutiques.


Art Chats are a series of talks and panel discussions, touching upon on a range of illuminating and trending topics led by experts in the art and design world. Art Chats are complimentary with admission and last approximately one hour.


Saturday, February 22, 2020

Creating/Curating/Collecting: Perspectives on Art & Tech
Presented by EQ Bank

Moderated by Shannon Linde


In conjunction with our 2020 digital art program, Telegenic, we are pleased to present a discussion on the intersection of art and technology. Join moderator Shannon Linde, curator of Equitable Bank’s art collection, for a conversation that brings together artists and arts professionals engaged in the digital realm. Panelists will include artists Andre Baynes and Daniel St-Amant, Susan Kordalewski, Executive Director of InterAccess, and Miriam Arbus, Project Coordinator at Radiance VR. Expect insights on individual trajectories into tech, the duality of creative and commercial practice, the scope of the digital arts community in Toronto, and the significance of collecting digital art. 




The Basics of Collecting and Displaying Art

Presented by House & Home

Lynda Reeves and Ashley Mulvihill


Join Lynda Reeves of House & Home Magazine and her guest, Ashley Mulvihill of Ninth Editions, for advice on starting your collection and choosing art for your rooms.


Ashley has built a thriving business bringing emerging contemporary artists to a broader audience while Lynda will share some practical tips on choosing art for your space.




The Templeton Philharmonic

Presented with the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival

Briana Templeton and Gwynne Phillips


The Templeton Philharmonic are a surreal, feminist comedy duo.


CAN20ARP-House and Home

Lynda Reeves, House & Home Magazine and Ashley Mulvihill, Ninth Editions


CAN20ARP-The Templeton Philharmonic

Briana Templeton and Gwynne
Phillips, The Templeton Philharmonic

Sunday, February 23, 2020

What is the role of studio spaces in creating a more equitable artistic
Presented by Akin


In a discussion featuring local artists, we will discuss how studios and smaller arts organizations can help create a more equitable and inclusive artistic community in Toronto. Join us for a conversation on the importance of sharing space thoughtfully.




Remaking the World: What does it mean to work across disciplines today?Presented with Canadian Art

Moderated by Joy Xiang, assistant editor Canadian Art

Speakers: Nuff, Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh, Hannah Zbitnew


Asking what it means to be an interdisciplinary artist today—or if working across disciplines is needed to address elements of the present—is to ask how the world is formed and reflected in art, and how visual culture is circulated. What makes thinking in interdisciplinary ways especially relevant to the current age? This isn’t to ignore that artists have always been thinking in these ways, drawing inspiration from and reacting to different social and environmental factors. Thinking about the intersections of design, capital, science, craft, materiality, performance and more, how do we respond to, remake and shape the world through the creative muddling of boundaries possible in art?