Why apply to Artist Project x IDS Vancouver?

The Artist Project section at IDS Vancouver provides independent, contemporary artists with a professional platform to showcase and sell their work on the West Coast to a diverse, educated and savvy art and design audience.

  • Meet over 38,500 design & art lovers
  • Exhibit your work in a gallery-style booth with 10' high white hard-walls inclusive of lighting
  • Control your sales—unlike other art fairs, no sales commission is taken
  • Feel Championed by the extensive marketing and communications campaigns of both Artist Project and IDS Vancouver in this feature area

Exhibitors Receive

  • Artists receive a hard wall booth (10’ high, gallery-style white walls and booth sign, booth lighting) 
  • Complimentary Ticket Package (Opening Night Party and regular admission tickets, approx. $200 value)
  • Marketing materials and discount ticket promo code for your mailing list
  • Online profile page on and
  • Organization & exhibition support
  • Marketing & advertising support

Booth Pricing

4’ x 8’  $2,750 (US $2,110)**

4’ x 8’ Corner* $3,000 (US $2,300)**

*Corner booths are located on the corner of aisles. Artists can hang work on the outside wall facing the aisle, i.e. a 4 x 8 booth is 16 feet of exhibition space; and a 4 x 8 corner is 20 feet of exhibition space.

**Approximate USD conversion as of January 8, 2020.

Applications for Artist Project X IDS Vancouver are now closed. For inquiries about the waitlist please email [email protected]

Why apply to Artist Project in Toronto?

Artist Project provides independent, contemporary artists with a professional platform to showcase and sell their work. Artist Project and its team strives to publicize and strategically market the fair to attract diverse, high-quality art buyers, curators and collectors.

  • Meet over 16,000 art lovers & collectors
  • Exhibit your work in a gallery-style booth with 11' high white hard-walls
  • Control your sales—unlike other art fairs, no sales commission is taken
  • Feel Championed by the fair's extensive marketing and communications campaign
  • Gain access to win grants & Awards

Note: Applications for Artist Project 2020 Toronto are now closed. If you are interested in applying for our next show or for information about our waitlist please contact Nina Eksir at [email protected]

Hear what the artists have to say

"Hard to believe it's been almost a decade that I've been doing Artist Project! It's been great to grow alongside the show. I love reconnecting with people who've been watching my work transform over the years, just as it's great to see how our community of artists has been evolving. There are always such keen observations and people are really open to the journey of experiencing the creation of my work. It's a great marker point year after year to see progress in the work!"

- Lana Filippone (, @lanafilippone


"It was humbling to receive compliments for my paintings of spaces and places, but more so I felt so fortunate to have been shared the personal stories from those who lived in them! One gentlemen, now collector, told me his story growing up in a neighborhood in my painting and how much it meant to him to have that memory of his childhood home. It’s moments like this that make doing what I do
so rewarding."

- Nelson Cheng (, @nlsnchng)


"The reputation of Artist Project as the premier international Canadian art show for independent artists is well established. As a result of Artist Project, I was invited to show my work in Amsterdam which impacted my career in a good way. I am dedicated to the ‘destijl’ movement which began in the Netherlands and to be recognized there was awesome. Similarly I was invited to pair with a cancer survivor's family to create a work in remembrance of them for a charity auction. It was a very humbling experience and a real pleasure to help provide a remembrance for an important family member."

- Gwynne Giles (


"Artist Project provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet so many art lovers, collectors and independent artists all under one roof!  This kind of exposure and engagement is so valuable for independent artists like me who are looking to expand their network and be inspired by other wonderful work!"

- Kara McIntosh (, @karamcintoshstudio)