Why apply to Artist Project?

Artist Project provides independent, contemporary artists with a professional platform to showcase and sell their work. Artist Project and its team strives to publicize and strategically market the fair to attract diverse, high-quality art buyers, curators and collectors.

  • Meet over loyal base of art lovers & collectors
  • Exhibit your work in a gallery-style booth with 11' high white hard-walls
  • Control your sales—unlike other art fairs, no sales commission is taken
  • Take advantage of new package pricing including booth walls, lighting and booth sign
  • Feel championed by the fair's extensive marketing and communications campaigns including advertising, social media, online programs such as the Collector's Project and much more
  • Showcase your artwork with a profile on the Artist Project website
  • Participate in an exclusive competition and grant programs
  • Be part of a community of hundreds of artists all supporting each other at the fair and beyond!

Hear what the artists have to say

"I have participated in The Artist Project over the years since it began, and it has always proven to be a wonderful, well organized and high caliber exhibition where one is able to connect with other artists but also showcase their work with informed art collectors. It has also been a vehicle in allowing me to connect to galleries and broaden the scope of people seeing my artwork. It has been a pleasure to grow as an artist and see how changes in the show have grown as well to include everything from informative chats on how to collect art for buyers or information displays  tackling recognition and representation of women's art throughout history."             
- Sandra Tarantino (


I participated in Artist Project in 2020 under the Untapped section. I have much more great things to share from my experience at the art fair than the brief summery I am about to give. With that being said, I think Artist Project has a very professional team which offers artists like myself the opportunity to showcase my works on a well curated platform alongside some of the most talented artists in the Toronto arts community. The conversations I had at the fair, with artists and collectors, gave me an insight on how my works is perceived in a comfortable and proficient manner. I have definitely gained more interest towards my works since, and many more opportunities have surfaced through showing at Artist Project. I highly suggest artists, and especially young emerging creatives, to seize the opportunity that Artist Project offers, and take their careers onto the next level. I hope the best for future applicants, and I am looking forward to visit the event again in upcoming years.

- Yi-Shuan Lee (, @yishuanlee)


"Artist Project is a very professionally-run art fair, with very structured and controlled move-in and move-out processes and schedules, which go a long way in helping the artists focus on getting their work in, up and then out at the end of the show. Because of the clean, bright presentation of my booth, I am able to present my work in the best way possible."⁣⁠
- Andrew Cheddie Sookrah (@andrew_cheddie_sookrah)⁣⁠


"Every year the Artist Project team curates and produces an incredible exhibition. The conversations and shared experiences between attendees and vendors continue to inspire my growth as an artist.  Many thanks to everyone involved!"

- Andrea Currie (, @pomonalife)