Application Information & Tips

Application Checklist

Before creating you begin the application process, make sure you have the fillowing prepared: 

  • Artwork Images (5-8 images; JPG, JPEG, or PNG; 72 DPI: 1,500 pixels wide) with the following file name format: "title_of_work.jpg"
  • Artist Resume Content (bio; education; previous shows and exhibitions
  • Credit Card information
  • The digital images of your artwork that you submit are very important. Please ensure that your images are high-quality, clear, in-focus and well-lit so that the jury may properly evaluate your artwork.


  • Ensure that you have a cohesive portfolio by sending us images of one (1) body of work, (ie. in the same medium and style).
  • If possible, please send us work that you intend to exhibit at the Artist Project.
  • Make sure that the file name of your digital images are in the correct format: Include title of work in the file name, (example: "title.jpg").

Application Process

The Artist Project Jury 

The jury has the difficult task in selecting the final exhibitors from hundreds of great applications. All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee made up of art professionals and design experts. Every year we invite a new group of jurors so that the fair continues to remain diverse, dynamic and fresh.

Selection Criteria

The jury selects exhibitors based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of artwork
  • Originality and uniqueness
  • Portfolio presentation
  • Overall aesthetic appeal of the artwork


Accepted Work

Artist Project only accepts original fine art and does not display craft, decorative arts, furniture, or functional glass / ceramics.

Reproductions including postcards, calendars, posters, and t-shirts are not permitted in the show. Photomechanical reproductions such as offset lithographs, prints run off a commercial printing press, embellished commercial reproductions or giclee (with the exception of photography / digital media categories) are not permitted.


Other Considerations

Floor Plan

Though we try and accommodate booth size request, we cannot take location requests. Booth numbers will be assigned to artists in early 2022. 

Every year we consider the following while developing the floorplan:

  • Place artists in different booth locations every year so that the show continues to look new for visitors
  • Mix new artists with re-sign artists so you can expand your artist network
  • Avoid placing artists working in similar mediums/styles or subject matters side-by-side or across from one another


Late Application Submissions

If you miss the application date, you are still welcome to apply – your application will be reviewed by the selection committee at a later date.

If the fair has already been filled at that point in time, then you may be placed on a waitlist and contacted for any booths that become available.


Diversity of Applications

As part of our purpose to be an environment for a more personal experience with art, we encourage applications which reflect the diversity of the artistic community and the different voices within it. Recognizing the important work of the Toronto Arts Council (TAC), we have included the option for all applicants to voluntarily self-identify as belonging to one of the TAC’s Equity Priority Groups.

Four $500 grants will be awarded by the Artist Project Jury to new accepted artists in the main section of the fair who self-identify as belonging to an Equity Priority Group.

Applications of merit received for the Untapped Emerging Artists Competition by applicants who self-identify as belonging to an Equity Priority Groups will be prioritized.