Art Chats Seminar Series.

This popular seminar series offers a range of engaging talks hosted by leading art experts.

Art Chats are complimentary with admission. Space is subject to availability.

Collect, Curate, Commission

Mia Nielsen, Curator, Drake Hotel Properties

Saturday, February 21, 1–2pm

Join Mia as she offers insights into building an art collection that is fluid, dynamic and different. Expand your personal style by incorporating memorabilia to create a space that is authentic and nourishing. Mia will talk about art placement within the home, making art “mobile,” encouraging collectors to look at their works in new ways over time. She also discusses what it’s like to commission an artist to create unique works for your home or workplace.

New Models For Art Collecting

Andrea Carson Barker, Arts writer & co-founder, Artbomb

Saturday, February 21, 3–4pm

The rise of e-commerce and social networking have brought significant changes to the art market, giving artists the ability to sell their work themselves, often directly to clients. How does this new landscape affect artists? Collectors? A panel of experts discusses the impact of these models for buying and selling art on the cultural landscape.

Panel includes: Rebecca Carbin, founder of the art futures program I Heart Your Work; Amrita Chandra, collector, startup marketer, Head of Marketing at Normative, and board Chair at Open Studio; and Bill Clarke, art collector and art writer.

Navigating the Auction Industry

Lydia Abbott, Director, Consignor Canadian Fine Art

Saturday, February 21, 5–6pm

Ever wonder how to buy and sell art at auction? A team of art auction experts will remove some of the mystery attached to participating in auctions. From investing in art to understanding auction terminology and current technology, Lydia Abbott and Rob Cowley, Directors of Consignor Canadian Fine Art, will share insights into collecting, researching artwork and becoming auction savvy.

Curating Collections

David Balzer, Associate Editor, Canadian Art

Sunday, February 22, 1–2pm

Many people, from pop stars to Twitter users, are now calling themselves curators. At the same time, interest in art collecting is at an all-time high. What is the connection between a collector and a curator? Join Canadian Art associate editor David Balzer in discussion with collector, writer and art advisor Daniel Gallay as they explore our current ”curatorial moment” in relation to the building of interesting, meaningful collections.

A User’s Guide To Looking

Zev Farber, Manager, Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers & Derek Liddington, Artist & Professor, OCAD U

Sunday, February 22, 3–4pm

From performance to painting, this interactive conversation will explore the aesthetic and thematic similarities which connect contemporary art practices in different disciplines. Zev Farber and Derek Liddington, both of whom are visual artists and instructors at OCAD University, will use a dialogue-driven format to create a link between selected works being exhibited at the Artist Project and wider trends seen locally and abroad.