OCAD U Career Launchers Initiative.

Adam Filek, Walking and Talking Stones, Sculpture and performance

OCAD University’s Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers is thrilled to partner with the Artist Project to present Adam Filek’s sculpture and performance work, Walking and Talking Stones, as part of the Career Launchers program.

Hovering between performance and living sculpture, Walking and Talking Stones is an investigation into the origins of being thoroughly careful yet spontaneous in the exploration between the body and stone. As a durational performance, performers will hold various poses with stones, attempting to force relationship between the animate and inanimate, and consider stone as something that lives, breathes, and of course, moves.

Walking and Talking Stones is performed by Adam Filek. Performances take place on Opening Night from 6–9 PM, Friday from 4–7 PM, Saturday from 2–5 PM and Sunday from 3–5 PM.