Thursday February 22

Early Access Preview5-10 PM

Opening Night Party7-10 PM

Friday February 2311 AM-10 PM

Saturday February 2411 AM-8 PM

Sunday February 2511 AM-6 PM

Better Living Center

Exhibition Place, Toronto

UNTAPPED Emerging Artists

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Sabina Rak

Digital Media, UNTAPPED Emerging Artists, Booth U-18

"In my artistic research, I recode myself one organ and one component at a time. Each visual imagination of my evolution follows a combination of 4 elements: the organ structure, its biological function, the technique of its recreation and a reflection on its progress. The recreated organs help me decode the physical limits between the artist and its creation, to study the closeness between human and its technology, and to imagine myself finally immortal if I successfully combine biology, technology and reverie." Sabina Rak lives and works in Montreal. She has obtained a B.A. (McGill University, 1999) and an M.A. (Concordia Universit, 2002) in art history, as well as a B.F.A. (Concordia University, 2014). She has been exhibiting her work for the past 5 years and is particularly interested in the zone that lies at the crossing between art and science.