February 21-24, 2019

Better Living Center

Exhibition Place, Toronto

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Lana Filippone

Sculpture, Booth 129

Lana received an honours degree from Queen’s University and a diploma from Sheridan. She has recently exhibited at the Salon Nationale des Beaux Arts, (Carrousel du Louvre) and is a medalist with the Société Académique Arts-Sciences-Lettres.Her work highlights the junction, that is the indifference of the elements to survival, crossed by the persistence and perpetuity of life; forever exploring a fascination with the kinship between life and death, relating directly to the beauty of experience.Recent research investigates the concept of Quinta Essentia, thought to be the alchemical philosopher’s stone. She is intrigued by the concept of  “threefold” nature of gold within alchemical teachings, transmutation in nature and how it relates to the Human psyche and enlightenment.