Thursday February 22

Early Access Preview5-10 PM

Opening Night Party7-10 PM

Friday February 2311 AM-10 PM

Saturday February 2411 AM-8 PM

Sunday February 2511 AM-6 PM

Better Living Center

Exhibition Place, Toronto

UNTAPPED Emerging Artists

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Dahae Song

Oils/Acrylic, UNTAPPED Emerging Artists, Booth U-5

Dahae Song is a South Korean, Toronto based interdisciplinary artist. Her work is concerned with the digitization of human existence and expresses the intersections and the symbiotic relationship between physical and virtual worlds. Song explores this paradoxical relationship and uses the medium of painting to unify these disparate forms together. Song creates an image space where distinctive visual languages and mark makings of the digital and tangible are unionized and non-hierarchical.  Song’s amorphous, hybrid paintings communicate ways in which the abstract and the representational, the digital and the tangible, cease to be seen as contradictions.