February 21-24, 2019

Better Living Center

Exhibition Place, Toronto

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Onsite Services

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Services for Exhibitors

Exhibitor Lounge

Relax from the hustle and bustle of the show in the Exhibitor Lounge. This is located in a room just adjacent to the Show Office. This area will be equipped with complimentary coffee and tea. You are to bring your own cup, no cups will be provided.  Please be courteous to your fellow exhibitors and clean up after yourselves.


Information Desk

This desk is located inside the main entrance. Please visit the staff at this desk if you have any questions or would like to request that a member of our team visit your booth.


Show Office

This is located at the North East corner of the Show. You will be able to hand in your re-signs here during the Show.


Art Storage

This is located next to the Show Office. As space is limited, storage will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis of advance orders, $25+HST per space and exhibitors coming from outside of Ontario will be given priority. To order place your order with the Art Storage order form (PDF). 

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Services to Offer Customers 

Product Receipts

Please provide your customers with receipts for all artwork purchased at the show. Door staff will be checking all receipts / purchases at the exit.


It is recommended that you consider providing your customers with the packaging required to safely transport their purchases home.  View a list of companies that sell packaging materials here.

Free Re-Admission

Your customers can come back to the show for free with the purchase of an Opening Night Party or Regular Admission ticket! Remind them to pick up their free re-admit pass at the Information Desk before leaving the show.

First Aid

Customers or exhibitors requiring first aid can visit the first aid room located south of the Show Office near booth 640. The first aid hours of operation will be the same as those of the show.

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Star Collectors Program 

Here is what to do if a member of our Star Collectors Program purchases from you or if a visitor gives you a gift certificate for payment.

Star Collectors Program

The Artist Project invites art collectors and members of the business and art community to participate in the Star Collectors Program. The goal of this program is to encourage sales and highlight businesses that support independent artists.

Here is an overview of how the program works on the artist’s side:

  • Patrons of the Star Collectors Program purchase into the program in increments of $300. They will receive onsite voucher(s) to use towards to purchase of artwork, vouchers are in $250 increments.
  • Our Star Collectors will visit the Show and select the piece of art they wish to purchase. Once they make their selection, they will give the voucher to the artist and pay any outstanding balance directly to the artist.
  • If you or the Star Collector patron have any questions, Emily-Jean Alexander can meet with you in your booth to sort out any details.
  • The artist will then must complete the form on the back of the voucher and submit this to the Show Office in exchange for a cheque made out to them for the total of the voucher(s) used.
  • The artist will receive their cheque within approximately two weeks following the Show.
  • A sign with the Star Collectors name will hang in the selected artists’ booth for the duration of the Show.
  • More information on the Star Collectors program and a ticket link will be available soon!

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