February 21-24, 2019

Better Living Center

Exhibition Place, Toronto

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Move-In and Move-Out

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Move-In Schedule

There will be two move-in days: Wednesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 22. NOTE: Load-in times will be staggered on Wednesday, February 21 to manage the flow of traffic and the construction of the hard walls.

Please adhere to your designated load-in time as per the move-in schedule listed below. All exhibitors will have access to the building on Thursday, February 22 starting from 7:00am.

Wednesday, February 21
9:00am Exhibitors on the WEST side of the show may load in
9:00am UNTAPPED and Installation Artists may load in
TBC – 8:00pm Exhibitors may drop off Competition entries (link coming soon)
1:00pm Exhibitors on the EAST side of the show may load in
9:00pm Move-in ends for the Day – exhibitors must exit the hall – no exceptions
Thursday, February 22
7:00am All exhibitors may continue to move-in
11:00am Light check. Overhead lights will be lowered to show-level to allow for final placement and positioning of booth lighting
1:00pm Loading doors will close. Please ensure that you have dollied all of your artwork and materials to your booth before 2pm
2:00pm All exhibitor vehicles must be moved from Lot 2 to Lot 4
3:00pm Final touch ups to booths. All packaging, tools, and dollies to be removed from the show floor
3:30pm – 4:30pm Artist Welcome Reception. Location: North West corner of Show. Come and meet your fellow artists over a glass of wine and pizza before Opening Night commences!
6:30pm Doors open to media and VIP Art Patrons
5:00pm Early Access preview begins 
7:00pm Doors open to the public
10:00pm Opening Night Party ends
10:30pm Doors officially close

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Marshalling Yard 

The Marshalling yard map for the Artist Project 2018 is below.



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Material Handling

Stronco is the Official Material Handling Service Provider for this event.

Material Handling Service Includes:

  • Unloading of shipment and delivery to booth
  • Removing of empty containers from booth to designated storage area (may be off-site)
  • Return of empty containers to booth after show closing
  • Loading of shipment from booth to carrier of choice
  • This service includes move-in and move-out, whether fully or partially used

NOTE: Transportation to and from show site is not included as part of this service.

 Material Handling Order Form (PDF)


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Advance Warehousing

Benefits of Advance Shipping:

  • Storage of Materials for up to 30 days prior to show
  • Priority delivery of shipment to your booth prior to start of exhibitor move-in
  • Saves you valuable time and additional costs during set-up

Service Includes:

  • Receive shipment at the warehouse up to 30 days in advance of show (any items stored beyond 30 days will incur additional charges)
  • Provide inventory count and record any visual damage
  • Deliver materials to show site
  • Unloading of shipment and delivery to booth
  • Removing of empty containers from booth to designated storage area
  • Return of empty containers to booth after show closing
  • Loading of shipment from booth to carrier of choice

Charges are based on weight of shipment and are charged per hundred weight (CWT) and rounded up to the nearest hundred. Minimum per shipment may apply. See enclosed Advance Show Receiving Order Form below.

 Advance Warehousing Form (PDF) 



Move-out Schedule 

Move-out takes place Sunday February 25, 2017 from show closing: 6:00pm to 11:00pm. Additional information regarding move-out procedures will be distributed to all exhibitors on-site.

The Artist Project does not have possession of the building after 11:59 pm on Sunday, February 25, 2018 so we must be clear of the building. You must make arrangements with your shipper to pick up your artwork on Sunday evening. Any items left at the Better Living Centre after this time will be shipped back at the exhibitor’s expense.

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Off-loading Options

Option #1: Shipping Company Delivery

This option is for exhibitors who have made prior arrangements to have their items picked up and delivered to the Better Living Centre by a shipping company. Please direct your shipper to deliver to the North East Entrance of the Better Living Centre.

It is preferable that all deliveries are made on Wednesday, February 21 or Thursday, February 22. If necessary, shipments will be accepted on Tuesday, February 20 (please notify the Artist Project staff if your shipment will arrive on Tuesday). Any shipments arriving before this date will not be accepted. Please note the following:

  1. When packing your artwork and other materials to be delivered to the show, please ensure your items are clearly labelled with your name, address, booth number and the company you are shipping with.
  2. You must make arrangements with your shipper to have your items delivered to your booth. If this will require a forklift, please make these arrangements ahead of time with Stronco by completing the provided material handling form (PDF – coming soon).
  3. If you are not going to be on-site for the delivery, please make arrangements for the shipper to leave your crates without a signature. The Artist Project staff is not authorized to sign for any deliveries.

Option #2: Dolly to Your Booth

This option allows you to park your car in the designated off-loading area and dolly (or hand carry) your items from your vehicle to your booth.

    1. Report to the Marshalling Yard (Lot 852, refer to the Marshalling Yard map above) and get a pass to drive to the Better Living Centre.
    2. From the Marshalling Yard you will be directed either to the East or the West entrance door where you will park your vehicle.
    3. At this point unload your vehicle and dolly (or hand carry) your product to your booth.
    4. Once your vehicle is empty you must remove your vehicle immediately to allow fellow exhibitors to park and begin unloading.

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To ship your product to the show, please follow these procedures:

  • Label your crates/boxes in large, clear lettering with the following information:

Your name and booth number
c/o Artist Project
Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place
195 Princes’ Blvd., Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C3

  • You must be present to sign for the delivery. Artist Project staff is not authorized to sign on your behalf. Alternatively, you can instruct your shipper to drop off your delivery at your booth without a signature if they are willing to do so.
  • Please make the necessary arrangements if you require a forklift
  • If you are receiving a shipment during show hours, all couriers and shippers must check in with the Information Desk (just inside the main entrance). Staff will allow them to enter the show and visit your booth.


Customs Brokerage

There are a variety of companies that offer shipping and brokerage services (below are some examples of carriers our staff has worked with in the past). It is your responsibility to determine which company is the best fit for your needs. International exhibitors are required to complete the proper paperwork to satisfy Canadian Customs requirements. We strongly recommend that you use a customs broker to assist with this task.


Shipping & Brokerage Companies

The official Transportation Provider and Customs Broker for the Artist Project 2018 is Stronco Logistics Services. Their services include:

* All modes of transportation including land, air, and sea
* Local shipping
* Real time freight tracking
* Canada, U.S. and international customs clearances
* Advance warehousing

Stronco Logistics

T: 1-800-665-2621

 Shipping Information and Order Form (PDF)


Be sure to review the Off-Loading Options above for regulations surrounding deliveries, shipping address, etc.


Other Shipping Companies

YRC Reimer 
Tel. 905-795-4672

Fine art transportation and installation 
T: 416-576-8820

MuseumPros Art Services
Framing, Crating, Storage, Shipping
T: 416-588-0568


Shipping and Logistics 



Stronco Logistics, the Official customs Broker for the Artist Project, provides trans-border transportation. You have the option, however, to ship materials to the show via any carrier. Stronco will maintain staff on-site from move-in through move-out to assist exhibitors with their entry/import and return/export of goods. Exhibitors may request a comprehensive Customs Guide from Stronco to assist in the preparation and distribution of documents.

We strongly recommend a customs broker be used for all material being shipped from outside of Canada, including convention materials. Advance communication will ensure the most favourable customs status and trouble-free entry. For our international exhibitors, assistance with your freight and customs can be arranged with the Official Customs Broker, Stronco Logistics Services. (Toll free: 1-800-665-2621, Fax: 905-270-6771, Email: logistics@stronco.com)

Customs Letter of Recognition:

To simplify the import process and ensure a smooth entry process, international exhibitors should follow the requirements outlined in the customs letter of recognition and distribute the letter as follows:

  • Present the customs letter of recognition to a CBSA officer when they arrive at the Canadian border
  • A copy of the letter should accompany any shipment of commercial goods to the event; and
  • A copy should be forwarded to the designated representative or customs broker, as applicable.

All requirements are listed in the customs letter of recognition (PDF). 


Border Crossing

Exhibitors who plan on crossing the border should consider the following points:

  • A list of the Point of Entries into Canada can be found here. Check wait-times and plan accordingly.
  • US citizens require a valid passport for travel to Canada and upon re-entry to the US.
  • Exhibitors should be prepared to answer questions from CBSA officers about why they are travelling to Canada.

For more information about travelling from the United States into Canada as a temporary business traveller, please visit The U.S. Embassy in Canada website.

Informa Canada Inc. accepts no responsibility for any delays or seizures at the border, including exhibitors being turned away due to paperwork, criminal record or other reasons. Exhibitors wishing to contact the Canada Border Services Agency may call 1-800-461-9999 within Canada or 1-204-983-3500 or 506-636-5064 from outside of Canada. Alternatively exhibitors may visit their website for more information: www.cbsa.gc.ca.


Duties and Taxes

Equipment and exhibits for this show, which will leave the country after the show, may be brought in free of duties and taxes but are subject to a deposit equal to the duties and taxes normally levied on them. (No duties apply, just 13% HST, for products made in the U.S.A.). The Official Customs Broker has made arrangements with Canada Customs for a bond to cover all imports to this show. Exhibitors using the services of the Official Customs Broker will therefore not be required to issue a separate power of attorney.

Note: For printed materials, advertising material and give-away articles, Canada Customs requires the payment of full duties and taxes on these materials. (No duties apply, just 13% HST, for products made in the U.S.A.). For more details, contact the Official Customs Broker directly.

The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is currently 13%. HST paid in association with Artist Project and related travel costs, may be refundable for exhibitors based outside of Canada. For information about the Foreign Convention and Tour Incentive Program or other HST questions, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency 1-800-565-9353 within Canada or at 1-902-432-5604 from outside Canada, or online

For eligibility, instructions and HST reimbursement forms, click here.

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