February 21-24, 2019

Better Living Center

Exhibition Place, Toronto

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General Show Information

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Artist Competition 2018

We are excited to announce that the theme for the 2018 Artist Competition presented by SWATCH is TIME FLIES. Artist Project invites all exhibiting artists to submit a new original work of art based on this theme.


From the Latin “Tempus Fugit” this universal idiom is used to convey feelings of how fast time is moving; “time flies when you’re having fun” or to make the most of each day as “time flies like the wind”.  Time is so dynamic – but fleeting. So get creative now – because before you know it we will be at the show! 


To see how Jeremy Scott was inspired by the phrase when he designed a SWATCH watch click HERE.


All competition entries will be on display in a feature exhibit at the show and winners will be selected by a panel of jurors. Best of all – the winners will receive cash prizes and the First, Second and Third Place winners will receive a SWATCH watch!


Submission Criteria:

  • All art work must relate to the theme of the competition and will not be exhibited if it does not meet the criteria.
  • All art work submitted and displayed at the show must be a new original and made by the artist.
  • Competition entries must be created in the primary medium in which the artist works.
  • Submitted work can be no larger than 36” X 36”
  • Competition entries may be available for purchase but must remain in the competition display area for the full duration of the show.
    • Artists who remove artwork early may be barred from participating in future years.
    • Artist Project does not take commission from sales.
    • Artist Project will provide all labels, necessary walls and plinths in the exhibit space.  However, if your piece requires any special display materials (i.e. protective case, electrical, etc.) you must supply your own.

Artwork can be submitted during Show Move-In (Feb.21 & 22, 2018). The drop-off time is to be confirmed at a later date, and will be emailed to all entered participants. Fill out the Artist Competition Form and if you have any questions, please contact Emily-Jean Alexander 416-960-5395 or emily-jean.alexander@informa.com 

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Booth Number

Exhibiting Artists can find their booth number posted on their artist profile* or on this list here. You will be notified by e-mail when booth numbers and the floor plan have been released.

*Only artists whose full payments have been made by December 13th will be shown on their exhibitor profile. You must have a completed and public artist profile to view your booth number. 


*MANDATORY* - All artists will receive a Booth Sign onsite with your name, booth number and location. Please complete the form to indicate how you would like your Booth Sign to be printed. Click here for the Booth Sign Submission Form. Deadline to submit this information is Wednesday, January 10, 2018. 


Floor Plan

Click here for the 2018 Floor Plan

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Exhibitor Badges 

Each exhibitor will receive a total of 3 permanent badges: one will list the exhibitor name and booth number; the other 2 will have “Staff”, exhibitor name and booth number. Additional badges, replacements or reprinted badges can be purchased at Show Office on-site for $45 (Thurs-Sun) or $10 (Fri-Sun).

Move-In badges

Temporary move-in badges will be available as you enter the building during move-in. They must be worn by you and your staff during move-in until you have picked up your permanent badges. Exhibitors without a badge will not be allowed onto the show floor at any time. Permanent badges will not be sent out ahead of time – please pick up your badge at the Registration Desk desk during move-in.

If you would like to leave staff badges for pick-up by staff who are working during the show, you may do so at the Box Office located outside the main entrance of the Better Living Centre. If you have staff helping you during move-in only, they will receive a temporary move-in badge on set-up days only. Your staff must be accompanied by at least one person with a permanent exhibitor badge (i.e. the one that will be available for pick-up during move-in) in order to be allowed into the building.

Information about move-out badges for your staff helping during move-out only will be available in an information package that will be delivered to your booth during the show.

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Exhibitor Booth Contract 

Your contract is legally binding. Once you have signed the contract you are obligated to adhere to every clause stipulated in Schedule “A” of the Exhibition Permit, including the products for which you have been contracted. You may not sell any products that have not been included in your signed contract. Please make special note of Section 6(g) of your contract. The Artist Project is marketed and promoted as an exclusive art fair. Therefore, we embrace artists who understand and believe in our philosophy and whose work is not available in other shows (featuring more than 30 artists) 30 days before and 30 days after the dates of the Artist Project within a 50 km radius.

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Liability Insurance

Informa Canada will not be responsible for any injury, damage or theft occurring on the way to or from the Shows or while on-site. Exhibitors must secure adequate insurance coverage protecting themselves and all exhibit material from damage or theft.


As a part of your contract you are responsible for any loss or damage occurring at your booth. Please see Clause 5 of Schedule A in your contract.


If you do not have liability insurance, a minimum policy of $5,000,000.00 is recommended. Call your insurance company to become insured for the duration of the Show. Alternatively, you can contact exhibitorinsurance.com in order to purchase insurance from them for the duration of the show (an order form is provided below or you can order via their online order form – available soon).


 Insurance Order Form (PDF)

It is not necessary to send the Artist Project a copy of your insurance although we recommend that you bring a copy for yourself to the show.

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Upload Your Online Artist Profile


As part of your participation, each artist in the show has the opportunity to have an online profile on our website. We plan to have the profile GO LIVE on December 14 for the public to view.


The Artist Profiles are the go-to resource for media, collectors and visitors when planning their trip to the show. We also use profiles to help us plan our Art Walks, Social Media and Marketing campaigns.


NEW! We ask that each artist submits the information for their profiles via the form found HERE by December 7th.


If you have any questions about this form please contact Mimi Shao, our Marketing Manager at 416 960 4513 or by e-mail HERE.


*UNTAPPED Artist Profiles will launch in January 2018 to coincide with the announcement of this year’s UNTAPPED sponsor and winners from this year’s jury selection

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Sales Policy

Exhibitors and their staff may not solicit from the aisles. Sales are not allowed during set-up, tear-down or outside show hours. All demonstrations and distribution of promotional materials must be confined to your contracted booth space. Exhibits including the operation of musical equipment, radios, sound motion picture equipment, public address systems or any noise making devices will not be permitted without written approval from show management. Please contact Claire Taylor at claire.taylor@informa.com or 416-960-4527 if you plan on using any of this equipment.

Please note that “Discount”, “Sale”, and “No HST” signs are strictly prohibited. You will be asked to remove the sign from your display. For more information on signage and display rules please read the following: Booth Presentation & Signage Guidelines.

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Sales Tax (HST)

You are required to collect and remit 13% HST of the selling price of your products. To collect HST you must be registered with the government. For more information, or to register, visit the Canadian Revenue Agency website. Residents of other provinces can call 1-800-959-5525. Please note that you must have your HST number available should a customer or a tax official request to see it.

While some of you may be HST exempt, signs declaring “NO HST” are NOT permitted. To determine if you are HST exempt please visit the Canadian Revenue Agency website or discuss with your accountant.