February 21-24, 2019

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Booth Design Guidelines

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An attractive and effective booth display is crucial as it will encourage visitors to enter your booth and view your work. Our customers expect a high quality and beautiful show and each exhibitor contributes to the overall look of the show with their own booth display. Consider the following elements presented in this section when designing your booth.


Booth Configuration

A white hard wall structure is provided.

Lighting is NOT included. You MUST rent lighting from the Artist Project for your booth. The overhead light in the building will not be sufficient. To order lighting you must download and submit the order form.

Electrical. To order an electrical outlet to power any additional devices please see the form below. Remember to order enough wattage for all electrical connections (laptops, credit card devices, etc.). Electricity is ordered through SHOWTECH Electrical Order form  (PDF)


Floor Covering is standard concrete flooring.

Booth Presentation & Signage guidelines

As a reminder, you are expected to present a clean and professional looking booth. Please do not pile artwork on the floor or lean artwork against the walls of your booth (sculptures placed on the floor is permitted). A storage space can be rented to store extra work. The Artist Project reserves the right to request the re-hanging of a booth if required.

  • Additional booth signage is not allowed. Artists may put up one additional black vinyl sign on an interior wall of their booth, please see the Style Guide on what is permitted. The maximum height of this sign is 11 inches.  Booth signage with the artist name, location and booth number is provided by show management. All other signage will be enforced on site. Exceptions to this rule include; Small artwork labels which may have the artist’s name
  • Artists may not display artwork on print racks in their booth.
  • Artists may not have any uninstalled artwork laying on the floor or propped up against booth walls. Should this be a part of an artist’s installation please seek show management approval.
  • Artists may not have draped tables in their booth
  • Artists are encouraged to seek other storage methods such as building closets in their booths, purchasing multi-functional furniture and renting art storage.
  • Artists are encouraged not to overhang their booths either by content of artwork installed or through salon style hanging.
  • Artists must display artwork that is consistent with their application.
  • Artists may not re-hang or re-install their booths during show hours (11am to show close). Artists may arrive before show hours to re-install artwork. Artwork may not extend beyond the perimeter of your booth into the aisle. Exhibitors planning to have an open flame in their booth must receive prior approval from show management The Artist Project reserves the right to request the re-hanging of a booth if required. Please contact Claire Taylor, claire.taylor@informa.com if you have any questions regarding your booth display.


Booth Dimensions

Keep in mind when designing your booth that your entire display must fit within the confines of the booth size for which you have been contracted (including tables, chairs, merchandise, signage, you and your staff, etc.). Due to the hard wall construction, the internal dimensions of the walls are reduced slightly (ex.  the interior dimension of a 5×10 booth will be approximately 4’6” x 9’6”). All contents of your booth (including chairs and artwork) must be placed INSIDE of your booth or you will be asked to remove it.

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Booth Lighting

One of the most critical components of a good booth display is its lighting. There will be minimal overhead lighting in the hall during the show. This creates an intimate and relaxed atmosphere for our visitors and it also allows you to light your artwork in the most appropriate and effective way. Renting lights is MANDATORY.

We have sourced a great lighting option from our supplier. The deadline to order is January 19, 2018. Please see below for details and specifications.

boothlights lights



  • Electricity for lights is included in cost of lights
  • Halogen light that produces a clean, white light (each light is 200 watts)
  • 28” long arm (Figure A)
  • Light coverage is 4-5 linear feet wide
  • We recommend 1 light for every 5 linear feet of walls
  • Lights will be installed as closely as possible to your indicated placement; however due to technical reasons a 3-4” variance may occur.
  • Articulating head (Figure B) can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Exhibitors are not permitted to tie into the electricity provided for the rental lighting as this can short-circuit the electrical grid causing power outages for sections of booths
  • Light fixtures clip into a metal track that is mounted on the top of the hard walls
  • Lights are installed for the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors are not permitted to bend the arm of the light, as this will break the light.

For more information on renting lights, please contact Emily-Jean Alexander at emily-jean.alexander@informa.com or 416-960-5395.

Artist Project Lighting Rental and Privacy Wall Order Form (PDF)


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Wall Panels

Your booth includes a hard wall system that consists of 3 walls (unless otherwise requested). Please see below for additional details:

  • Walls are 11′ high and 3″ thick
  • The hard walls are smooth,¼” MDF, painted white.
  • The panels are constructed with an interior plywood rib frame that can take screws for heavier items. The rest of the panel surface is able to take small wood screws for mounting of lighter items (up to 10 pounds).
  • Small holes from screws and nails are permitted. You will be charged a repair fee for large holes and/or additional damage to the panels.
  • Please do not paint or alter the walls.
  • If you apply vinyl letters or velcro tape you must remove it at show closing.
  • All nails and screws must be removed at show closing by the exhibitor.
  • No glue can be used to hang artwork to the walls.
  • If you have a corner booth and want an open-configuration, you must inform Emily-Jean Alexander at emily-jean.alexander@informa.com. Corner booths are constructed with the aisle facing wall unless otherwise requested. Corner booths have access to hang artwork on the aisle facing side of their corner booth wall.
  • Additional walls can be ordered directly from Artist Project Lighting and Custom Wall Panel form (PDF)

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Electrical Services and Guidelines 

Electricity can be ordered from SHOWTECH Power & Lighting. Please complete and return the Electrical Order Form below to receive power. The majority of exhibitors will only require the basic electrical outlet (regular duplex outlet; 1500 watt). The amount of electricity you will require can be calculated by multiplying the number of fixtures by the wattage indicated on each fixture. Note: The light fixtures that are rented to you by the Artist Project include electrical power and installation in the rental fee.

All wiring must be done in an approved manner, acceptable to the latest edition of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and the ESA inspector. The OESC and ESA will not accept open joints, joints that are taped, ungrounded wiring, improper box connectors etc. Any wiring that is not factory assembled must be approved by an accredited approval agency prior to move-in (a list of agencies can be found here) prior to move-in. Exhibitors will have to place an order at exhibitor services for the in-house electricians to correct any deficient wiring, a standard hourly rate will be charged for this service.

Exhibitors placing on-site orders to correct wiring that is not up to code will be worked on as soon as all pre-ordered orders are installed. It is strongly recommended that all wiring inspections and corrections be taken care of before being brought on site.



Any electrical product (i.e. lamps) on display or to be sold by an artist must be CSA approved for parts & assembly and have the CSA sticker. The Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC) and Ontario Regulation 438/07 require all electrical equipment to be approved. The electrical products should be approved by recognized certification organizations accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. The approval means that the product meets Canadian Safety Standards. This is signified by the “C” outside the Entela, ETL, MET, OMNI, QAI, TUV America, TUV Rheinland and UL marks. Exception to product approvals can be found HERE. Recognized Certification Mark can be viewed HERE.

As an alternative to equipment certification, electrical equipment is deemed to be approved if a field evaluation agency has examined the equipment and has found that it conforms to the applicable standards for the equipment and presents no undue hazard to persons or property.Please find a list of recognized certification and field evaluation agency links HERE. The Regulation 438/07 can be viewed HERE.



Please complete the Electrical Order Form below and return to SHOWTECH Power & Lighting by TBD to receive a special discount. Remember to order enough wattage to accommodate equipment such as a dustbuster, computer, Debit/credit card machine, cell phone charger, etc.

NOTE: The Better Living Centre Staff may audit each booth and bill you directly for any wattage you use above and beyond what you ordered. Additionally, if you use more wattage than you have ordered it may cause a power shortage in your area and affect your neighbours. If you have any questions about the power in your booth please contact SHOWTECH Power & Lighting.

If you have questions about electrical, please contact Deborah Fursey at deborah.fursey@informa.com or 416-960-4501.

To order electrical power for your booth, please complete the following form and return it to SHOWTECH Power & Lighting.

 Electrical Order Form (PDF)



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It is highly recommended that you plan to have storage space within your booth. Storing artwork behind or between booth spaces or anywhere on the show floor is not permitted. See the examples below for helpful storage ideas for inside your booth.


The booth in this photo contains storage cabinets that the exhibitor has provided. These cabinets also function as part of the overall booth display.


The Exhibitor has ordered a custom wall panel by filling out the Artist Project Lighting and Privacy Wall Panel form (PDF).


Art Storage

A secure art storage space will be available for $30+HST at the show. If you require product storage space, please consider the following points:

  • Art Storage: space is limited on a first-come first-serve basis. Pre-ordering is recommended as it usually sells out.   
  • The art storage area is monitored with limited access before, during and after Show hours. You must check in with the storage attendant to have access to your storage spot. 
  • In order to avoid breakage, ladders and dollies will not be permitted in the storage area. Please hand-carry your items to and from your designated storage space.
  • Access to storage spots is limited to the exhibitor and one staff member only. 
  • Empty boxes & crates: There will be a separate storage space for empty boxes and crates. Please ask staff at the Information Desk when you arrive at the show for ‘Empty Crate’ stickers and they will show you to the storage area. 
  • Informa Canada Inc. is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any product while on the premises of the Better Living Centre. This includes the storage area. We strongly recommend that you clearly label all items in storage with your name and booth number.

 Art Storage Order Form (PDF)



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Furniture Rental 

Stronco Show Services has a variety of tables, stools, counters and display cabinets available for rent. Download their order form below and submit directly to them.

 Furniture Rental Order Form (PDF)

DEADLINE: January 30, 2018


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Show Floor Safety

All exhibitors are reminded that the show floor safety is everyone’s responsibility. All participants at the Artist Project 2018 show must comply with the legislation contained in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations, which is governed by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. More information can be found here.

All booth personnel involved with the move-in and/or move-out process (i.e. material handling, erecting/dismantling exhibits, etc.) must wear personal protective equipment wherever exposure to head or foot injury is possible. For example, proper footwear must be worn during both move-in and move-out. (i.e. open-toed sandals or high heeled shoes are NOT appropriate footwear).

No Children aged 15 and under allowed on the show floor during move-in

During move-in and move-out, the show floor can be a very dangerous area with vehicles and forklifts moving through the aisles, not to mention the possible trip hazards like nails, and other debris left in the aisles. We must abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, which stipulates that absolutely no children aged 15 or under be allowed onto the Show floor during these times. Please make the necessary child care arrangements.

In order to ensure that everyone understands the importance of this policy, all exhibitors are required to fill out and submit the Workplace Safety Declaration Form posted below prior to move-in.


Health & Safety Declaration Form (online form)

DEADLINE: Friday, February 9, 2018



Fire Proofing & Safety

All display materials (excluding artwork) such as fabric etc. must be fireproofed or made of a fire retardant material. Styrofoam and foam core are absolutely forbidden.

In accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and its applicable regulations, fireproofing cannot take place on the show floor during move-in. Please make arrangements to have any drapes, carpeting, etc. treated ahead of time. We recommend using the following company:

Contact: Amie Hingston
Tel. 905-673-0707

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Additional booth signage is not allowed. Artists may put up one additional black vinyl sign on an interior wall of their booth, please see the Style Guide on what is permitted. The maximum height of this sign is 11 inches.  Booth signage with the artist name, location and booth number is provided by show management. All other signage will be enforced on site. Exceptions to this rule include; Small artwork labels which may have the artist’s name